H. STEWART / 252/ BROOM ST. N.O.-This rare iron pontil aqua soda was only listed for one year at this address.  At this time a political campaign was going on and a candidate used the cleaning up of Girod St of hookers, muggers, and other criminals and the City Council renamed the street Broom.  Because of it being near the river there were many bars, gambling houses and flop houses that were frequented by river and flat boats men and was a very rough area.  Back to the soda, it has been professionally cleaned. The glass is nice with only a couple of wear use nicks, but with no chips or cracks.  Even though it has been cleaned, it could still use a little more polishing on the interior because of slight interior dullness and water stain in the neck & lip.  The only thing I can see is a couple of minor ground etching areas above and below the embossing.

PRICE:  $350.00 plus postage and insurance

Can pay by money order, paypal, Personal check is also OK--will ship the item once the check clears.  We also accept payments through paypal.com .
10 day return privilege.

If you would like this item please contact us at:  outpost@goldenpelican.com
Please be sure to include your address so that we can let you know the shipping amount.

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