Parkers Hair Balsam, Red Amber and Yellow Olive

Both bottles are embossed:  PARKERS/HAIR BALSAM/NEW YORK ON THREE PANELS.  They are 6 3/4” high with tooled ring collared lips.  Both have mold numbers on the bottom.

The Yellow olive example has some interior water stain and all over dullness, a ¼” bubble exists on the rear shoulder, and some surface scratches usually found on a 100 plus years of being buried. 

PRICE: $30.00 plus shipping and insurance

The red amber is almost puce and has the same type of lip.  It’s near mint glass with only very minor soil scratches.  A small ¼” shallow flake exists on the foot on the Parkers panel.  A beautiful hair bottle.

PRICE: 15.00

Terms:  Can pay by money order, a personal check is also OK--will ship the item once the check clears.  We also accept credit card payments through  PAYPAL.COM
There is a 10 day return privilege.

If you would like this item please contact us at:
Please be sure to include your address so that we can let you know the shipping amount.

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