These are 4 beers from New York. They are described from left to right:

1.   It is embossed: WEST END / BRG. CO / UTICA N.Y.  shoulder) CONTENTS 12 1/2 FLUID OZ. REGISTERED (at heel) . Aqua, one shoulder area of light haze on the back side. Also two small pin point nicks. The bottle has some bubbles and whittle marks. An ABM bottle.

2.   Embossed: WEST END BREWING CO. (arch) / CONTENTS / 14 OZ. / UTICA N.Y. (rocker) REGISTERED (on base). Aqua, Some light inside haze and a few light insignificant scratches. ABM bottle.

3.   Embossed: V. FRANK'S SONS (arch) BREWERS / POUGHKEEPSIE N. Y. (rocker) all in slug plate, numbers on base. Amber. This bottle has some nice bubbles, but has a 1" stress flaw on side of neck and some minor small scratches. ABM bottle.

4.   Embossed JACOB RUPPERT (arch) / BREWER / NEW YORK (rocker) 3 2 2 and a symbol on the base. A couple of very light cloud haze spots, otherwise perfect. Aqua.


We also have another New York Beer.  It is embossed: SLS in an oval on the shoulder, S LIEBMANN’S SONS BRCCO NY on the base.

Can pay by money order, cashiers check--Personal check is also OK--will ship the item once the check clears.
10 day return privilege.

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