New Orleans Druggists

Whitall Tatum & Co of Millville, NJ produced many of the bottles for druggists, pharmacists, etc.  They were in business 1857 to 1935.  Embossed on the base of the bottles are the letters W T & Co. All of the bottles in this category were produced by Whitall Tatum unless otherwise noted in the description.  Most of the bottles were hand blown and tooled lips which dates them mostly from 1880 to 1910 period.  Most machine made bottles are manufactured after that period and they are referred to as ABM (automatic bottle machine) in the description.

Druggists bottles are typically semi oval shaped with a flat embossed panel in the front.

To temporarily cover water stains in bottles so they do not show, spray cooking spray or penetrating oil into the bottle, swish it around to coat it and dump the excess into a paper towel.  Then wipe the exterior of the bottle with the paper towel to coat the outside.

Alex K Finlay Druggist New Orleans

Various Damaged New Orleans Druggists


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