16 oz Jumbo Cola Baton Rouge, LA

This is a 16 oz. Jumbo Cola ACL bottled by Wright Root Beer Co., Baton Rouge, LA. It is light green and 11 1/4" tall.
It has 16 oz./COLA labels on the front and back of the neck along with a chain of five white elephants with a red J on the neck; there are 10 horizontal rings embossed under the neck, The body has three white labels that have a red silhouette of an elephants head and trunk / then JUMBO / COLA in red letters; there is a chain of five more white elephants with a red J and under that it reads PROPERTY OF AND BOTTLED BY WRIGHT ROOT BEER CO., INC., BATON ROUGE, LA. near the bottom edge. The base is embossed LG 66 / 16323.
There is a 1/4" chip on the 4th ring and a 1/2" moon chip by the edge of the base as shown in the pictures. .

Price: $15.00 plus postage

TERMS: 10 day return privilege. Can pay by check or money order, will ship when payment clears

If you are interested in purchasing this or for more information please Contact Us and give us your zip code so we can let you know the amount for postage

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