Saratoga John Clarke Mineral Water New York 1833-1846 (Tucker- C-5)

Recently purchased from a Charleston collector, this improved pontiled bottle with a slight ring of rough glass is near mint. It has been professionally cleaned, with only a slight bit of internal dullness. It is olive green, 7 3/8" tall with a collar and skirt lip. There are some interesting bubbles on the front behind the New York embossing. On the reverse is a potstone with no spider flashes.

What is unusual, I think, about this bottle is on the base there are four dents on the base rim. I am not an expert on these bottles but this could be something different.

Price: $500.00 plus postage

Terms: There is a 10 day return privilege. We accept checks and money orders. We will ship the item when the check clears.

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