High Rock Congress Spring C & W Saratoga New York
Type S-37B (rock type b)

Embossed: HIGH ROCK CONGRESS SPRING (mountain figure) C & W SARATOGA N. Y.
It is teal with a raised dot on the base.
The bottle is 7 3/4" tall with a tapered collar and skirt lip that has a 3/16" shallow chip in the skirt and a light chipping along the lip along with a corresponding bruise on the inside measuring 1/2" long. A small group of shallow dings exists on the reverse side, also a small bubble burst on the side heel area.

Recent auctions show this bottle selling at over $500.00, so with the above mentioned damage I consider $300.00 a fair price.

Price: $300.00 plus postage

If you are interested in purchasing this or for more information please contact Us

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