Dr Up New Orleans

This bottle was one of the many brands that were made by the Jefferson Bottling Co. The front of the bottle can be seen from the photo. Since the reverse is harder to see, and has embossing I will describe these: The reverse says DR. UP on the shoulder, on down it says CONTAINS/CARBONATED WATER/ SUGAR, FRUIT ACID, PURE/ & IMITATION FLAVORS, CARAMEL COLOR/CONTENTS/12 FLUID OUNCES/ Dr UP/NEW ORLEANS, LA./62043. The base is embossed 3 circle diamond symbol 2 / 1.
The bottle has some light wear on the rings and base heel. The lettering is complete, but somewhat dull. It was prbably bottled in 1942.

Price: $35.00 plus postage

TERMS: 10 day return privilege. Can pay by check or money order, will ship when payment clears

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