A Rainbow Group of Antique Medicine Window Bottles




1.    RUMFORD/CHEMICAL WORKS/W, Base embossed PATENTED MARCH 10, 1868. The bottle is blue green, nicely whittled and 5 tall. It is near mint with slight internal water haze and a tiny nick on the bottom edge of panel.

2.    THE/PISO COMPANY/HAZELTINE & CO/TRADE-PISOS-MARK, Embossed 22 on base. It is medium green 5 1/8 tall with a very faint haze.

3.    LAXOL/A J WHITE/NEW YORK/LAXOL reverse DESIGN PATENTED/ APRIL 10 1894. The bottle is cobalt blue, triangular shape, 2 recessed panels. It is 7 tall, ring lip with a little rear dullness that can be polished out. It has some internal areas of water stain and very shallow open bubble on the front shoulder.

4.    GARGLING OIL/OCKPORT N. Y.. Teal blue with some nice whittling. The lip is a tapered collar with a shallow 1/8 flake on the top edge. It has a slight internal water haze and some slight dullness.

All of these bottles are near mint, hand blown and have hand tooled lips. All at a sale price of $80.00 for the group. A beautiful display.

Price: $80.00 plus postage and optional insurance

Terms:  Can pay by money order, a personal check is also OK--will ship the item once the check clears.  We also accept  payments through  PAYPAL.COM   

There is a 10 day return privilege.

If you would like this item, please contact us at:  outpost@goldenpelican.com
Please be sure to include your address so that we can let you know the shipping amount

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