Civil War Collectibles

Here are some Civil War era collectibles that we have for sale:

We have other Civil War Items that are pictured below. We give discounts for multiple purchases. Dullness and stain can be temporarily hidden for movie shots. Please contact us if you need more details:
  • Back row left to right: The aqua whiskies are $15.00 each, the wine is $15.00, the hock wine is $25.00. For the ginger beers in front see Civil War Period Ginger Beers
  • Back row: the 1800 to 1860's old bell iron mortar (no pestle)--SOLD. Front row: China and ointment salve pots, $15.00 each
  • Black glass civil war beers and ales are $15.00 each, the Nassau crockery jug is $25.00 (damaged examples are less)
  • Last row (left to right): The bulk ink is $35.00, the writing sand container (for drying ink) $35, the next bulk ink is $35.00. Second row (left to right): Stoneware ink $15, Cone stoneware ink (possibly Confederate) $35, amber glass bulk ink (damaged) is $25.00. Front row: Stoneware ink $15. Pontil umbrella ink (damaged) is $20.00
  • Nice Oil Lamp $250.00
  • Chamber Pot with Lid $75.00
  • Rockingham/Bennington Rebecca at the Well teapot (chip on spout and hairline crack on base $45.00 --SOLD
  • Soda and mineral water bottles (slight damage) are $15.00 each
  • White Ironstone dinnerware, plain plates perfect-$35 (discounts on damaged examples), cups $20 each and $10 each for damaged cups
  • Crockery: pitcher with some glaze chipping $100, large jar $75, small redware jar from 1850's $100
  • Wine bottles: demijohn $45, wine $10
  • Civil War Artifacts: powder horn $75, lock with chain $25, other lock $15, ladle $40, hand forged chisel $35, child's stirrup $65, Regular size stirrup $30. wood aze (period unknown) $35,
  • The Nassau type crockery bottle is $100.00 and the Case Gin is $40.00 ($10.00 for damaged examples)

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