Two versions-Barry’s Tricopherous for the Skin and Hair



The first photo was taken with the bottles wet to show the details clearly of the hand blown glass.  The second photo was taken dry to show the dullness from being buried for 150 years.

Bottle 1 is the oldest with a jagged open pontil base, applied lip.  What at first looks like a lip chip is actually a recess cased when the lip was applied at the glassworks.  The edges are smooth as found by me many years ago.  Circa 1850’s to 1860’s.  The bottle is 6 “ tall with light interior haze and retains its original cork.  Embossed BARRY’S (side) TRICOPHEROUS/ FOR THE SKIN / AND HAIR (front) NEW YORK (side).  See the photos of the base and lip below.  Price:  $25.00

Bottle 2 is embossed BARRY’S/TRICOPHEROUS / FOR THE SKIN /AND HAIR / NEW YORK / DIRECTIONS/ IN THE /PAMPHLET.  This one is from the early 1860’s, 6 3/16” tall with the diagonal hinge mold mark on the base.  It is near mint with only a tiny 3/16” shallow lip flake and an area of light internal haze.  Price $15.00.


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10 day return privilege.

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