Drink B-Up New Orleans

This green bottle is 8" tall with a band of embossed 3 rings the ACL labels B-UP in a white box LITHIATED LEMON BEVERAGE on the front and back, 3 embossed rings above a dappled band and 4 rings/ the ACL label DRINK / ((((B-UP)))) / LITHIATED LEMON in a red and white box/ 2 embossed rings. The back label reads: A REFRESHING / DRINK AND MIXER (in a white border box) / BOTTLED BY / JEFFERSON BOTTLING CO. / NEW ORLEANS, LA / MIN. CONT. 7 OZ.The base is embossed: DURAGLAS / 3 ( symbol diamond over oval) 5 / 3 / 018
It only has a slight bit of haze which does not show when displayed and a slight stain on the left side of the label

PRICE $100.00 plus postage

TERMS: 10 day return privilege. Can pay by check or money order, will ship when payment clears

If you are interested in purchasing this or for more information please Contact Us and give us your zip code so we can let you know the amount for postage

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